Flea Pest Control

The Flea

Key features

Adult fleas are around 2 mm long and coloured  brown. Their bodies are compressed from one side to the other which allows the flea to move around the fur and feathers of animals with ease. The back legs of fleas are relatively large and are used for jumping heights of up to 10 times the size of the creature itself.


Female fleas can lay several hundred eggs after each meal, typically fleas gained access through pet bedding, Flea eggs are white oval shaped and around 0.5 mm long. The pupa is around 6 mm long and yellow, brown or black. after several weeks the eggs drop off and hatch into a larvae. The larvae can normally be found where your pet sleeps, under the skirting boards, in carpets and under furniture. Pupa’s mature to adulthood within a cocoon woven by the larva to which dust, pet hair, carpet fibres, and other debris adhere. After 5 to 14 days adult fleas emerge from the cocoon. Fleas can live up to 2 months or 1 year without eating and cannot survive or lay eggs without blood. People may be bitten by fleas, especially when populations are high, fleas will not live or reproduce on humans.

A flea is a parasite that lives off warm-blooded animals, different species of flea live on different  species of animals.  Cat fleas are around two and a half mm and brownish in colour, and are the most common cause of flea infestations.

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