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Deadline Pest Control offer professional ant control treatment and prevention services for both domestic and commercial properties throughout the West Midlands and Birmingham
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We use ant control treatments only available for use by professionals and are experienced in a wide range of pest ant control methods. Our ant control services is safe and hygienic too, so you can be safe in the knowledge that any food , humans or animals alike will not be harmed whilst we perform our duties. We can offer service for any size or scale of pest problem so whether you have a pest control problem in an industrial unit, commercial kitchen or restaurant, or simply or a terraced house, no matter how big or small the problem we can help.

Don’t let your ant control problem become an ant infestation, that will lead to loss of business through kitchen closure, call us now and we can help to solve your ant pest control problems.

Biology of  Ants
Ant build there nests in soil, and under stones or paving stones and sometimes occupy the nests of other species of ants.

An ants diet is varied and their meals include: seeds, flies, flower nectar and other small insects. Winged reproductive males and females engage in a mass mating flight in hot, moist weather throughout July and August. Males die immediately after mating, and the females are left to give birth to new colonies.

Mating flights ensure the survival of the species whilst also increasing the chance that males and females from different nests will mate, avoiding inbreeding, the winged reproductive adults of different colonies in one area fly at the same time. After finding a suitable site, the queen begins to produce eggs. The results are infertile female worker ants, who take over the care of the colony. After hatching, the larvae at the beginning feed on un-hatched eggs, they are then fed with regurgitated fluid.

Where do Ants live
Black Garden Ants live in nests in dry soil which are most often found in gardens, flower beds, lawns, and under rocks or stones.

Ants travel relatively large distances along scent-marked trails across soil and ground vegetation, and – most noticeably – across paved surfaces and into houses, where they are attracted to sugar and crumbs.

Outside human habitation, they feed on many things: small live insects, dead insects, nectar, seeds, etc. They also feed on the sugary secretions produced by aphids, some other sap-feeding insects and certain caterpillars, and often tend them to protect the source of this food from predators.

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