Commercial Pest Control

Whether you have a small shop, large premises or multiple premises or properties in various areas, Deadline Pest Control will ensure that you are kept pest free and enable you to concentrate on running your business. Deadline pest control cover Birmingham, Walsall and the West Midlands area.

We offer a 24 hour pest control service, and we always maintain client confidentiality we also use unmarked vehicles for added discretion, giving you an embarrassment free pest solution.

If evidence of pests are found by Environmental Health Officer on your premises your business may end up being closed by Emergency Prohibition Action. Thus you will lose business and money, and be faced with charges in excess of £1000 in costs.

We can tailor our agreements to suit you as an individual, throughout our a wide range of pest control services which include the following.

  • Pest Exclusion: Making sure pest stay off your property
  • Restriction: Restricting the risk of a pest infestation through good hygiene
  • Eradication: Regular premises inspections and immediate action taken to destroy pests.
  • Installation: The use and installation of monitoring equipment, detectors and other devices in accordance with the pest specification.
  • Service Reports: A detailed report of Pest infestation findings, Recommended actions, Recommended treatment and chemicals used etc.
  • Emergency: We offer a 24/7 call-out service